You know how it normally works with expectations: the higher you set them, the less they are met.
BUT, Marta and I have found a huge exception to this rule in meeting David & Cátia. We were since long looking forward to attending their lessons, and our expectations were big about them. We had heard about their naturalness, the sympathy and their communicating skills, and we experienced all that to be true, and much more.

Cátia is a huge dancer. Charming, devoted to the lesson in every single moment, focused in their students, and very very attentive to the particularities of each one of them. David is exquisitely technical and analytic, yet extraordinarily rhythmic and elegant, a real master of syncopation.

Both create a very joyful atmosphere in class, and make focusing and concentrating in their teachings a simple task. The importance they give to body awareness and small technical details change the way we see Lindy Hop from the basement.

We can definitely say that, after our workshop with them, I finally learned how to rock step. And that was only the beginning…