If I were given the opportunity to freely choose a couple to attend classes with on a weekly basis, and if Skye and Frida were not available, my choice would be David and Cátia.

Taking classes with them was one of those dance changing moments pushing my awareness, my ambitions and potentially some of my skills to another level when it comes to techniques, rhythm, musicality – and fun.

And they are such great people.

Patrick D. Four

Recently I joined a workshop in The Netherlands from David and Cátia.
They are friendly, fun and joyful. And give you the necessary good workout on the basics!

Their professionalism is shown in explaining basic principles in a positive and clear way, that gave everybody the motivation to work on improving. Breaking down complicated stuff to little pieces made it much easier to understand a movement and caused a lot of happy faces.

Ending the class with some nice variations in which you can apply what you have learned. Power from Portugal this couple!

Janna Marcella

You know how it normally works with expectations: the higher you set them, the less they are met.
BUT, Marta and I have found a huge exception to this rule in meeting David & Cátia. We were since long looking forward to attending their lessons, and our expectations were big about them. We had heard about their naturalness, the sympathy and their communicating skills, and we experienced all that to be true, and much more.

Cátia is a huge dancer. Charming, devoted to the lesson in every single moment, focused in their students, and very very attentive to the particularities of each one of them. David is exquisitely technical and analytic, yet extraordinarily rhythmic and elegant, a real master of syncopation.

Both create a very joyful atmosphere in class, and make focusing and concentrating in their teachings a simple task. The importance they give to body awareness and small technical details change the way we see Lindy Hop from the basement.

We can definitely say that, after our workshop with them, I finally learned how to rock step. And that was only the beginning…

Jorge Cuadri & Marta LafargaZaraSwing

Be aware, after David&Cátia’s class you are not going to be the same dancer anymore!

Exhaustless creators, music geeks, and simply a friendly couple, they teach in a new and organic way. While others straggle inventing Lindy moves, David&Cátia open you up a new undreamed language which inspires to invent new moves yourself. Their class is a fascinating puzzle, it starts simple with the basics, and then builds up into a complex picture of a new technique or even approach to the dance itself. Besides, going home with pockets full of bonuses is ‘a must’.

We met at Swing Summit, Lindy Shock, Swing Sixteenth, Smokey feet in Amsterdam – and looking forward to prolong this list!!!

Julia Hilevych & Ivan Kryven

We came across David & Cátia at Swing Summit and were very impressed by their enthusiasm, expertise, pace of lesson as well as their teaching partnership.

Their genuine love for Lindy Hop, their boundless energy & positivity shone through every class for us.

Joo-Lee Stock & Andy LewisDjam

In addition to the warmth and joy David and Cátia bring in their dancing, their teaching is fun and methodical.

They break down Lindy hop to essential components which challenges your assumptions and opens a world of opportunities in your dancing!

Zoë Robbë

Cátia and David are truly a gifted pair.
So much joy and infectious enthusiasm shines through them, that makes you look at dancing with “new eyes”. But it doesn’t stop there: they atomise movement with concepts so clear, that make it so much easier to make personal progress, in their classes theory and playfullness go hand in hand – and the flow I’ve experienced in class has left an imprint on my dancing soul.

I’m looking forward to swing out with you again somewhere on this earth!

Anna PohleSwing Connection - Leipzig

Having David and Cátia as teachers was a great experience. While organizing the workshop they helped us and gave us some good advice, making things easier and better.

Teaching wise, they transmit a philosophy and a way of understanding the dance beyond doing steps. Their technique is wonderful, and so it is their ability to explain it and make people understand it in a simple but effective way. You can see there is a strong didactic experience and a great knowledge of the dancing and the music. They are able to adapt to the necessities and the level of the students.

People loved their classes and explanations and they have had the feeling of learning and having fun. What else could we ask for?

Asociación Swing and South, Sevilla

Cátia & David have always impressed us with their charisma. They have an incredible passion not only for dancing, but also for teaching.

We had them teach at our event. The students loved them and their classes are just unforgettable. What else do you want … As teachers ourselves we are inspired by their teaching techniques and ideas.

Thank you, Cátia & David!

Mia Gao & Poldi HaberstumpfThat Swing

David and Cátia are a pleasure to work with and a joy to learn from.

They joined us in Prague to teach a week of workshops and it was pleasure to have them involved with the event. They communicated well with organizers and are flexible too, which is essential to help make a special experience for everyone.

They have a boundless energy which inspires students and their classes are well-planned and organised – and when it comes to parties, they are a blast. They love to make fun, they play great music when they DJ, they party hard and above all they love to share their passion to dance with everyone they meet.

They really know what they’re doing.

Áňa PotápkaSwingBusters