This is the 3rd iteration of this site’s design since it began in 2013. Some notes below:


The photo on this website entrance, of me and and Cátia, was taken by our friend Mário Sabino Sousa in the riverside of beautiful Lisbon. The photo of us in class, was taken by Nuria Aguade, during Swim Out Costa Brava, in 2015.


The body is set in Roboto while the headings is Montserrat, both of which can be found at Google Fonts. Icons are from the Font-Awesome font.

Web Standards

This site is written in HTML5, PHP, uses CSS3 for design & layout, and a few bits of JavaScript (including jQueryModernizr and Underscore).


This site, as most of the websites I build, is powered by the awesome WordPress. This particular one also uses the The7. Additionally, some plugins are used to give it more life: The Feed Them Social by SlickRemix allows for Facebook feed integration on the ramblings page.  The videos are presented inside a Revolution Slider by ThemePunch.  The Calendar Listing is forked from Miguel Fonseca‘s plugin upcoming-events.